quality of life matters


Golden Gate Healthcare Resources Inc. (GGHR) provides residential care for the elderly, senior, mentally and physically disabled. The organization is a certified 501(c) (3) non–profit corporation dedicated to our Residents living their life to their full potential, while creating a family atmosphere that produces a brighter tomorrow.  This atmosphere encourages the participation of residents' families in their day-to-day lives. The agency strives to offer a community that promotes self-respect, independence, and improves the quality of life for all our residents. The agency provides a multitude of support services with a strong emphasis on bridging the gap between seniors and & youth in the community schools in  a environmental friendly setting.

The youth programs are managed by the Executive Director  a Mastered Personal Care Home Expert who has 15 years of health care experience including the start-up and management of a Personal Care Home Agency and the coordination of support services.  Additionally GGHR has volunteered in various school systems and nursing homes for five years providing social and stimulation activities, has worked for hospice for three years providing family respite services, and has consulted numerous providers on the start-up and operation of healthcare agencies in the Atlanta Metro Area.  The GGHR Board is credible, competent and qualified to make appropriate assessments of senior and youth paring, and able to communicate findings to physiologist, physicians and social workers as appropriate.

Service Activities/Projects

· Senior Citizen and Elderly Housing

· Summer Youth Camp

· Youth Discovering there Spiritual Gifts

· Environmental Community Impacts

· Team-building outings for community partners

· Annual Community Festivals

· Community Event Planning 

· Food and Medicine 

Cliftondale Community Club, Inc. Annual Community Fall Festival. Bringing community and family resources together 

Zion's Daughter  Providing a 6 week summer camp for youth in Metro Atlanta.  Allowing Seniors to Mentor our youth  

Mants Estates  Providing nutritional lunches during the Mentoring Teen Excursion of Girls Rock and Manhood Development.